Angela Hubbs

Angela Hubbs is a Lifestyle Personality who works with people all over the country. As a speaker, author, coach and sponsored Ironman Triathlete, she is a total stand that YOU get to live a life you are excited about in a body you love!


If anyone knows Angela they know that she brings enthusiasm to everything that she does whether professionally or personally. She was a pleasure to work

Kathryn Nestler

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Angela Hubbs is an extremely gifted instructor whose passion and creativity cannot go unnoticed....It would have been easy for me to feel unsuccessful, but Angela could sense my frustration... She understands what each student needs which creates such warmth about her. Not to mention that her classes are fantastic! I always leave energized, rejuvenated, and extremely positive. Angela is the instructor to go to and a person to admire. 

Morgan Miller

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From the moment she walked into class with a big grin on her face to the moment we all filially saw and exclaimed over her matching halo of big, gorgeous hair, she was in every way one of those larger than life teachers we all feel lucky to come across. Her energy and enthusiasm were unflagging and infectious;

Isabella David


She has a great, caring personality and inspires me to work harder at my goals! She is devoted to her work

Diane Firestone