Angela Hubbs

About Angela


My mission is to have YOU become a leader in your life and live a life that is extraordinary in a body that you love. That means you get to wake up on a monday excited to jump out of bed because of what you are creating for yourself.  Too many people give up their power and I want you to get yours back.


My Story

I began my career as a lifeguard right outside of Washington DC. It was a fateful day when a water aerobics instructor didn't show up when I was 15 that my passion for having people move began. In those days, my goal in life was to be a paramedic by day and an actor by night. I  even saw myself becoming an elite body builder...

I never did become an elite body builder but since that fateful day I have taught everything from spin to sculpt, pilates to yoga and everything in between. I myself went from a size 14 to a size 0, to not being able to run a mile to become a sponsored Ironman Triathlete.

I am known as one of the most positive and inspiring Lifestyle Personalities in the business. I speak all over the country inspiring people to step into their greatness. It's my commitment and zeal to you having a life you are excited about in a body you love that sets me apart. After almost 20 years in the fitness industry I know the secret to architecting every part of your life.

Let me show you how.

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What They Say

Angela Hubbs is an extremely gifted instructor whose passion and creativity cannot go unnoticed... It would have been easy for me to feel unsuccessful, but Angela could sense my frustration... She understands what each student needs which creates such warmth about her. Not to mention that her classes are fantastic! I always leave energized, rejuvenated, and extremely positive. Angela is the instructor to go to and a person to admire. - Morgan Miller