Iron Angela


It all started when...

I decided it was time to do my very first triathlon. I hadn’t even ridden a bike since I was a kid. I was heartbroken after a boyfriend had died of cancer and I knew in order to grow, I had to do something for myself and off I went on my very first triathlon. After that first season, I was hooked! Since then, I was sponsored and have traveled to run, bike and run. I even inspired my dad to join in…

Race Stats

Smith Point Triathlon- June 1st, 2014 (52%)

Swim:11:48  T1:2:40  Bike:34:02  T2:1:42  Run:24:19  Total Time:1:14:33

Place:191 (of 364) Division Place:6 (of 11) 

Hopkins Vineyard Tri at Lake Waramaug- July 19th, 2014(33%)

Swim:23:03 T1:1:32  Bike:31:37  T2:56  Run:27:35  Total Time:1:24:39.69

Place:97 (of 296)    Division Place:4 (of 17) 

7/27/14 Denville Sprint Triathlon- (16%)

Place: 39(of 240)/9 (of 90 females)  Division Place:2  Swim:12:01.5 T1:59.0  Bike:28:31.3 T2:56.9  Run:25:03.7 Total Time:1:07:32.3

8/10/14 Staten Island Triathlon- (20%)

Place: 51 (of 250)   Division Place:4  Swim:10:36 T1:41  Bike:37:25 T2:37  Run:23:29 Total Time:1:12:50

8/31/14 Six Flags Tri - (9%)

Place: 18    Division Place:3 F STO (of 53 females) Swim:16:05 T1:4:47.5  Bike:46:29.5 T2:32.3  Run:26:00.3 Total Time:1:33:54.9

9/27/14 Giant Acorn- (37%)

Place: 219 (0f 600)/52 (of 270 females)    Division Place:8 (of 20) Swim:17:00 T1:2:00  Bike:50:28 T2:1:08 Run:24:30 Total Time:1:35:04

10/5/14 Treasure Island Triathlon at Point Pleasant- (28%)

Place: 55 (0f 194)  Division Place:3 Swim:9:15 T1:2:17 Bike:33:49 T2:1:20 Run:20:26 Total Time:1:07:40

2014 Season- (as of October 23 2014)

Overall Rank: 576   Northeast: 85    New York: 46    Overall Score: 70.175    Women Overall Score: 77.192

3/14/15 DC Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon-

Place: 14169 Total Time: 3:05:55

6/14/15 Eagleman

Place: 1058  Division Place: 48 Swim:51:48 Bike:3:11:14 Run:2:23:59 Total Time: 6:31:41

8/30/15 Ironman Muskoka

Place: 802 Division Place: 39  Gender rank: 199 Swim: 1:26:36 Bike:7:21:59 Run:5:34:40 Total Time: 14:35:39

9/18/15 Ragnar

Marine Corp Marathon

4/16/16 Woman’s triathlon

June 2016 triathlon

June 2016 Triathlon

7/21/16 New York Lifetime Tri

3/2018 Dc Rock and Roll Half Marathon

San Diego Rock and Roll Half Marathon

Stars and Stripes Sprint Triathlon

Swim: 8:55 T1: 2:09 Bike: 38:37 T2: 1:45 Run: 27:57 Total Time: 1:19:24

Overall: 139 Division: 5