Creating Your Dreams

This past weekend I had the great pleasure and honor to attend my cousins wedding in Indianapolis. She looked so beautiful and all their kids participated as Brides maids, flower girls, Grooms People and ushers. One of the sons of the groom even played the piano. I don't ever like to admit it but I'm a sap! I got emotional a little though I'm very good at keeping it under wraps. Weddings feel like a really beautiful symbol of something new beginning. I gave a toast to them and talked about how the fresh rain of the morning washed away the past, created a rainbow and gives way for my gorgeous cousin to create magic with her new husband. We certainly created magic dancing our pants off! My cousin, her daughter and me were the only ones left on the dancefloor by the end of the night.

Weddings make me feel so romantic, like anything is possible and the truth is ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! My cousin would probably be the first to admit that it never happens without the hard work behind it. Once I got home, I was ready to hit the ground running on creating my dreams. I watched Walter Mitty with my boyfriend and was so inspired to get out of the comfortable. Even in that movie he was able to get uncomfortable and create himself anew inside of following the steps I am going to share with you below. Its time for you to be your best self and realize your dreams no matter what they might be!

Step 1: Get Clear 

The first step to any endeavor is to be clear about the goal. What would football be without an objective? Any game worth playing has goal posts. What is your goal post? What ever your process is to really get a clear picture of the life you want, do it! If you journal, make a vision board, write a story or draw a picture, never loose the specifics of what you want to build for yourself. With that clear picture you can then get to work taking it from imagination to the world of the real.

Step 2: Break the Goal Apart into Steps

Now that you know exactly what you want, you have to look at it in chunks. What little steps need to be in place to build that dream you see for yourself? With these steps broken apart, you can put them in the order they need to occur AND you can give yourself due dates for them. Once you have seen your goal in these smaller pieces, it will make it more manageable to get into action. 

Step 3:  Put those Steps in Your Calendar

I can't talk enough about this step! Its keep to having your life happen the way you want instead of having your dreams live in your sleep. When you actually put steps into your calendar, then you have to look at if you really want to do what it takes to get the dreams you see for yourself. You deserve it and no matter how you feel in this moment when you wake up for those early morning workouts or those uncomfortable sales calls or that extra effort in that relationship, in the end when you reach those goal posts, it will all be worth it.

Step 4: Reassess, Is it working?

After you have been following your calendar, after you have been really taking on creating your dreams, it's important to see if your effort is really working. At least once a month, take a look at your goal and see your progress. Take notes of objective data so you can see if you are going the right direction. This can be challenging to do in certain situations but give yourself a specific goal post and see if you are close to hitting it or not.

Since life is made of tiny little moments, make each of your moments count by moving yourself in the direction of your dreams. Get clear about what you want, break it apart into steps with clear objectives, schedule them and do them, then reassess to see if its working. Sounds easy huh....

If you need support please contact me and I'll help you go through these steps in the area of your life that would make the most amount of difference for you. Visit for more support!

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