From Exhaustion to Powerful in 4 Steps

In the last few weeks I have really dove deep into creating something amazing here in Florida. I am planning on beginning running bootcamps for Camp Gladiator here in Florida near where I live. Its exciting because really its about creating communities and tribes of people that want to grow and THAT IS MY JAM! Because of what I’m creating, the obligations I already have and the dreams I am pursuing, it just meant I was doing a lot of things early in the morning, late at night and clearly I wasn’t feeding my soul like I know to.

In fact, I caught myself starting to use the word “exhausted”. I know when I start using the word exhausted that I am becoming a victim to my circumstances. “Woe is me for having so many opportunities!” I look at myself with disgust! I put myself exactly where I am. I am a grown ass woman with big girl pants that makes decisions about where I go and what I do! I guess though sometimes I like falling back into kid mode though that isn’t a powerful place to be. Thats when i have to look in the mirror, make a choice about who I want to be in my life and decide if I can get powerful again!

This week I looked at myself and decided to create my best me, getting myself out of ‘exhaustion’ and into powerful. Here is what I did…

Step 1: Stop

After a few days of letting ‘overwhelm’ and ‘exhaustion’ have me I had to just stop! Those feelings are a result of something deep inside of us not being fulfilled and power being given away. I took a moment and looked at what my soul needed to be fed. For me, it meant a day off. I hadn’t realized that I hadn’t had a beloved pajama day in months. Though I didn’t need a full day in my underwear, I did have to acknowledge that to feel fulfilled, I needed a morning to sleep in and not be anywhere. Stoping long enough to see where I was at was enough to reset me and have me get back to powerful.

When you stop to look at what you need, notice what you are craving. Is it quiet time? Is it play time? Is it home? Or away? It doesn’t have to cost anything or perhaps for you, it does! Usually we are go go go, but if you can take a moment of stillness by sitting in nature, locking yourself in your closet or simply closing your eyes, your body, mind and soul will tell you exactly what it needs.

Step 2: Focus

Remember that exhaustion and overwhelm come when we focus on what we feel we aren’t in control of. Instead of focusing on what’s going wrong, what’s not working, what is happening over there, focus on this moment, what you can do (not what you can’t do!), and what you are grateful for.

This moment is all you have. Our lives are lived in the present. The past is done and though you can learn from it, it doesn’t help anyone or anything to live in guilt or regret. The future on the other hand is unattainable too. You can plan and dream but it’s built by what you do in this moment right here. Easiest way to practice living in the moment is to focus on the gift of breath. Just watch it go in and out. Notice if it’s deep or shallow. There are so many mindfulness meditations you can find online and with the practice, you will start to find peace where ever you are. This is why I loved yoga so much. It got me spiritually back to this moment which I appreciate very much.

This moment’s focus should be on what you can do. Power exists in the actions you are willing to take. In all situations it’s important to take responsibility for your part and though you can’t change certain circumstances, people or events, you can control you and your attitude toward them. What can you do in your circumstance?

You will never hear me stop talking about gratitude. Positivity is a feeling that can pull you through any and everything. Gratitude can’t coexist with sadness, anger or fear. If we are going to have to put up with certain things anyway, why torture ourselves if we don’t have to. Why not pick a more empowering place to act from?

Step 3: Peeps

One of the hardest things on the planet to do is to reach out to another person when all you want to do is be miserable in a dark room alone. Often what we really want to do is commiserate with someone as we stay unempowered. Instead, imagine if you actually let the people who love you pick you up when you are down?? THEY WANT TO DO THAT FOR YOU SO BAD!!! The people that truly love and care about you only want you to be happy. Take it from me, it is their honor and privilege to make you smile. I’ve had tons of friends and clients that won’t even take a compliment, let alone help from others when they are down. But think of it like this….

Your good friend knitted you a sweater out of yarn they sheared themselves from one of their sheep. They stayed up all night making it so they could see your face light up when they gave it to you. They wrapped it in a bad of your favorite color and sat outside your house all night till you woke up so first thing in the morning they could have it brighten your day. Finally you’re awake, and they stand in front of you with a gift wrapped bag so excited and you say, “ No thank you, I don’t want it!” You shove them aside and go on with your day.

This is what you do to your friends and family every time they give you a compliment or try to help you in some way. You push a gift back in their face. This was something I had to come to terms with myself. I thought it made me strong to handle things alone. I still have to get over myself, but the second I realize that other people want so bad to contribute to me, that I’m pushing a gift in their face if I don’t allow them to do so, that’s when I get we are all a community together.

Step 4: Stay Future Facing

I wrote a whole other blog on this but, feelings just don’t matter when you are future facing. Future facing means you are looking at the life you want to build instead of the uncomfort of the moment. One of my mentors asserts that most people would rather be comfortable than (You fill in the blank). Though we all want to be rich, famous, strong, fit, in a relationship…. its just so much easier to sit on the couch. Our feelings in this moment, the wanting to stay in bed, the not feeling like working out today, the I’ll do it tomorrow… all comes from letting the feelings of this moment win over the future we want to create for ourselves.

I am so guilty of this! When it comes to work or someone else, I’ll get uncomfortable in a second! But when it comes to my own stuff it’s easy to “do it tomorrow”. We deserve better than that though. Keep yourself connected to your heart, connected to your dreams and know that if you stay on the path, you will never regret the sweat.

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