Your Life Whole and Complete

I remember when I was 18 or so, I was talked into doing yoga for the first time. I was totally against it! I thought it was going to be boring and slow, with sitting and floating off the floor with granola and chanting. It is all that… AND I learned to really love it anyway! Not because of the floating around stuff, cause I still find that weird, but because it really brings into light that we aren’t just a body. I guess I hadn’t thought about that before my first yoga class. I really was so focused on making my abs show and my body a size 0 that I ignored all the other parts of me. We are a mind, a body, a soul and to have peace we need to bring all these things into harmony.

Fast forward and here I am many years later and I still believe that a life we all want is inside of creating harmony and balance between all the areas of our lives that are important. Now because of my experience with yoga, I am able to separate the parts of myself that need to be tended to. I thought about this today as I was leaving the house to go co-work with a friend. I had realized that I was ignoring parts of my life. It was evident from the heaviness of my bag. My bag was just so full of papers and things that I hadn’t really wanted to deal with that I realized that I was simply putting my attention to the things I enjoyed dealing with versus all the areas that keep me balanced and thriving.

We deserve a life that is full and amazing, and so today we create our life whole and complete. There are 4 areas of life that we need to deal with to have it be full and complete.


What is your mindset? Is it positive? Realistic? Fulfilled? Do you feed it the way it wants? Do you travel? Do you read? Do you need to? Everyone is so different in what they need to feel fulfilled in their mind. For me, I need to play, have good conversation, have a routine and then break the routine from time to time. When looking at your mind and your mindset, it’s important to your health and wellbeing that it is balanced between stress and complacency, excitement and boredom.


In this existence we need our body so we can fully express ourselves, interact with others and go through day to day activities. Notice if you can move freely, without pain and with pride. Notice if you feed your body properly or take care of it the way you need to feel good about it. Though I talk about the body a lot in what I do, I realize it isn’t everything though it is important. It can be the easiest way to access the other parts of yourself when you take care of it and it will be your only focus if you aren’t healthy because you can’t thrive if your health isn’t good.


Our lives are lived in the relationships we have with the world around us. Even a hermit in the woods must be in relationship with the environment around them. Since it’s that important, take a serious look at the state of the most important relationships around you. Your relationship with yourself and your closest friends and family. Your relationship with the planet and whatever you consider God to be (or not be) is also important because it is the foundation of how you show up in life. Your relationships should be a balance of giving and receiving/contributing. Any of one side or the other will leave someone feeling used or abused.


Though all my spiritual friends cringe at the idea, it is a fundamental part of living your life that you deal with your financial health. Don’t make it more important than it is, but take steps to look at what you want it be and what significance you have made it up to now. Money is simply energy. Don’t make it any more significant than that. Find the balance between spending it to give you what you desire and saving it to support your future.

Now that you know the four areas to look at, here is how you design and architect your life to the next level.

Step 1: Assess each area

The first step to any change is to assess where you are so you can look at the gap from where you are and where you want to be. This is as simple as assigning a number on a scale of 1 to 10 and looking at what would have each one of these areas be a 10. This gives you a clear picture of what you actually want and what is important to you.

Step 2: Look at the Gap from Big to Small

Now that you know what the gap is from what you see in your life today and where you want to be, then you must break it apart into little steps that you can do one day at a time. It’s Simple to take it one moment, one inch and one task at a time than to fit it all in your mouth at once.  

Step 3: Action+ Action+ Action= Progress!

Once you know the steps that will actually get you to where you want to go, you must make the actions part of your life. Getting to where you want to go in all the areas of your life probably won’t happen over night so it’s important to create healthy habits, rituals and routines that crest your complete life daily.  

Step 4: Do it again and again... and again! 

This isn’t one and done! Your life morphs and changes. Your goals move with time and enhance as you move up the ladder to your goals. Never settle for comfortable. Keep re-assessing and deciding what you want so you can continue to move up in all the areas that are important to you.  

Now go out and create a life you love! A life that is is whole and complete!

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