Spiritual Cleanse

After really embracing my extroverted introverted self, I decided to do a spiritual cleanse with a few of my friends. Not that we needed any real excuse, but we used the full moon as a catalyst for creating healthy change in our lives and I ended it on the New Moon. It was a great experience for me because I was able to take my time getting to know my energetic body.

We began by creating a sacred space that would then have use create a habit around feeding our energetic self. We wrote a letter to the universe thanking it for creating our dreams that haven't manifested yet. Then we created a foundation of gratitude that we used to clear out each chakra one by one. By the end we looked at what was missing from our lives and what needed to be put in place to thrive. Then finishing it off with an opportunity to revisit what we really want and stepping forward into it. Do it for yourself here

Though my spiritually minded friends put tons of stock in the power of the cycles of the moon, I think any time we put that much energy into ourselves and our connection to the unseen, we will see results. My intention in doing this spiritual cleanse was having my unseen self on the same page as the rest of me. I wanted to get really clear inside of myself on where I'm going, what I'm building and more importantly, I wanted to deepen my relationship with myself.

After all, our spiritual self is manifested in the relationships we have. Imagine all the people in your life: Your family, your friends, your loved ones, your hated ones, total strangers, the universal energy (also called the divine, or god), the environment (mother earth). The way you show up with all these groups of people are all a reflection of what you think about YOU. Think about it for a moment, if you don't think you matter then how will you show up for mother earth, strangers, your family and friends. If you don't think you can make a difference or if you "know" you'll be ignored, what actions do you think you would take? 

This is why having a strong, loving relationship with yourself and whatever you consider bigger than you (the divine, god, mother earth, whatever speaks to you really) is so important. When you are connected to who you truly are and that you have a strong purpose here on this planet, that is how you show up as your most powerful self. The truth is we ignore this aspect of ourselves because we are too busy, "it doesn't really matter", we will do it later, it doesn't really matter... but it does! You matter and we need YOU! We need your special sauce in this world to shine your light on the corner of the world you were meant for. We need you CLEAR so you can hear what your soul is telling you. We need you POWERFUL so nothing can stop you from living a life you are excited about.

Though its a simple process, it's not easy to get in touch with your true self. The reason it's not easy is because your thinking brain wants no part of it! Your thinking mind doesn't ever want to give up control to the part of you that can really listen to your heart. There is a process of really getting yourself clear but know it isn't always easy and it will take something to cultivate trust in the voice inside your heart.

Spiritual Cleanse Step #1: Get Prepared

In our first step, we simply get ourselves ready both mentally and physically. Setting up a meditation space that is clean, clear and free from distractions is important because to let your true self emerge requires stillness. That is hard to do when distracted or unmotivated. During this process too you'll need some equipment such as a meditation pillow for body comfort, a notebook or journal and a pen, an alter of things that inspire you, and perhaps a candle.


Spiritual Cleanse Step #2: Get Clear

Intention is key to getting a life you love. Even in this context get clear about your intention for beginning. What do you want to get out of it? What outcomes do you want to see? And even thinking bigger, what do you want for your life? These are all beautiful questions to ponder and free write about in your journal even before you begin.


Spiritual Cleanse Step #3: Let Go

During any spiritual endeavor, it is so important to let go. Let go of judgement, expectations and competition. Your life is going to unfold as your life unfolds. Your journey isn't going to look like mine, or the person beside you. Instead of making your experience wrong in any way, just be with it, befriend it and enjoy every step as a learning experience. 


Spiritual Cleanse Step #4: Always Continue to Grow

Everyday is another opportunity to learn something about yourself and who you are. Every day is another experience to take you to the next level. It's a never ending game in having a relationship with yourself and the forces around us.