Healthy Habits

Last week I had the great honor and privilage to be the mc at an event here in Orlando, Florida called Stand Out and Thrive. Though I was part of the event, I got so much value from listening to the speakers, hearing people share and meeting (re-meeting) the participants. Back to life, I went straight back to work to build my dream life... One that thrives in every sense of the word. 

As I sat at my computer and broke down all the areas of my life that I wanted to continue to grow in I realized that I needed to take a serious look at my habits, rituals and routines! We are what we do every day and there was parts of myself that I wasn't particularly proud of because I wasn't doing what I knew I needed to be doing. For instance, the first thing to go when I am really focused is my exercise training routine. I know how important it is! I TEACH how important it is!! But still I let sleep win from time to time. I know though that my exercise routine is just one of many things to fall away because the way you do anything is the way you do everything.

Since I know the secret to having a life I'm excited about is to have clear goals, I took time today to really have a good look at my goals and from them, I was able to put together specific actions that I need to be doing everyday to get the life I dream of. These habits include looking at my finances, exercising, having a race scheduled, connecting with someone new everyday and taking an action in my business.

To have the life you know you need, you also should take an honest look at your goals and decide what do you need to be doing daily to build a life you are excited about. Once you have the actions you need to do, then look at these 3 principles to get started in daily architecting your dream life.

Principle 1: Start Small

I used to believe that everything in my life needed to look a certain way or it didn't count. The work out needed to be an hour, at a gym with specific equipment. My meditation practice needed to be an hour in front of an alter with essential oils and colorful candles. My relationship had to be 6'4" with a penthouse apartment in uptown New York. My life had to be all that or nothing! And that just isn't true. What lasts the test of time is the small steps we take everyday. 

A year from now you would have wished you would have started today!

Just this moment to build slowly from scratch and you will see small changes that last and create a foundation for the more challenging things you are going to take on as you build your dream life!

Principle 2: Find Partners

Its those times when you don't want to get out of bed, or do something uncomfortable that your partners are going to be really important to you. These are people who see the future of what you are up to. Partners could be peers, people going through the weeds right along side you. Or these could be mentors or coaches who have done it already and are leading you through. Use these people and let them empower you to continue to do the daily activities that will get you to your next level.

Principle 3: Your Feelings Don't Matter

We have all done it. The night you go to bed you are excited at the prospect of getting up early, doing that early morning workout and having the rest of the day rock. Then that alarm goes off at 5:50am. You hit snooze! Feelings won! Then at the office someone brought in a box of donuts. You fight it most of the day till, you could resist any more. Feelings won! Anytime you are faced with a decision based on your feelings, remember that the momentary feeling being quenched will never compare to the satisfaction you will get from reaching your goal! Call your partners, let them talk you off the ledge but never forget, you are bigger than your feelings in this moment.


You are worth having a life you are excited about! To get something different, you have to do something different so go get it NOW!! Get into action and make everyday an opportunity to get up that ladder.

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