Powerful You Everywhere

This past month for me has been really great in having me look at what powerful means. I’ve been talking nonstop about how my language around “being tired” and  “being exhausted”  was code for “poor me”, “why me”, “woe is me”.  Sure I had had some early mornings and some late nights. Sure I absolutely had a good reason to feel tired but I certainly am not a being made of exhaustion. In fact, I had just spent time teaching people that we aren’t our feeling and that our future is so much bigger than this moment and here I was being a victim to an early morning. 

After a few days of wallowing in “being exhausted” I decided I didn’t like that version of me so I took my own advice. 1) I stopped, took a breath and looked at where I felt like I was powerless. 2) I decided to focus on what I could control and what I could do instead of what I couldn’t control or do. 3) I reached out to my best friends and let them lovingly talk me off the ledge. 4) I turned to face my future. I remembered that all this uncomfort was to build something really inspirational for the world and uplifting for me. 

I have had the great privilege and pleasure to get opportunities to speak, teach, and travel doing what I love. I’m so lucky! Think about your life and all the things you’ve gotten an opportunity to do. You built that! You might not love everything that life has thrown at you up to now but the good news is our lives are in our hands. 

As you continue on your day never forget the power of your attitude. It’s everything! That is the secret to staying powerful everywhere. No one can mess with you because inside you know who you are. You are a victim to no one and nothing. Instead you make moves and show up as your best self everywhere.  


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