3 Secrets to Defeating the Dumps

There are plenty of times in my life where I don't realize I fall into survival mode. You know those days when you just want to get through it...

Now even though I believe that exercise and moment is the secret to feeling better, I guess it didn't do the trick today. I was coworking with my friends and I guess they could see it on my face. Sure I was in a little funk but I thought I was getting through it. In fact, I didn't even feel that bad but clearly it was written all over my face. The friends I was coworking with couldn't even concentrate so they made me call Jacquelyn! Jacquelyn is amazing! (Check her out here) She knows magic and she teaches women how to use that magic to build the life they want. Its so important to have people in your life that will hold you high and I'm so lucky, I have amazing people in my life!

I told Jacquelyn what I was dealing with and what I was feeling. Things I wasn't even present to was coming out of my mouth. I need more yoga in my life I guess. Through the course of my conversation, she pointed out to me where I had indeed been living by survival, not THRIVIVAL! Now I know it isn't a real word but it sure made me giggle after talking to her. She took me through a few things that had me own a new story around my Goddessness!!

Just imagine your life where every day you are alive is the best day of your life. Imagine where you are excited to be at your desk and work. A day where you aren't rushing to get through it. Even in the face of challenging circumstances, we are meant to thrive in the face of any and everything, especially when we have the mindset that its all a gift to take us to the next level! 

After I talked to Jacquelyn I realized that there are 3 really clear steps to getting ourselves from survival to thrivival and  I wanted to share them with you here. You deserve a life you are excited about and even those days can be magic if we make the effort.

Acknowledge where you are and what you feel!

It's so easy to stress, compare ourselves, judge and hold on to expectations about the life we are leading. We make ourselves wrong for feeling jealousy, sadness, depression or the like! Instead of making these feelings wrong, acknowledge them, love them, listen to them  and pay attention to what they are telling you. What you resist persists! Instead of resisting those gray days, own it and it will no longer have power over you.

Get yoursefl clear inside and out

One of the things Jaquelyn told me to do was clear the clutter and with it she helped me clear my mind. I cleaned my car, my purse, my bag and meditated with her to clear the clutter in my mind. There is no space for something new and exciting if the old is there dragging you down. Get rid of everything that doesn't serve you: people, items, and trash. This can be harder to do than it sounds because our minds hold on to whats comfortable even if it drags us down. That means it is going to take something to  let go and really allow yourself to be clear!

Now get into action

Even if you believe in the law of attraction, you still have to show the universe you are ready to receive what you are seeking. This requires action! If you want a different body, more money, a loving relationship, a thriving business... it all takes action!! It might not love where you are at in this moment but once you just accept it, once you are clear, now you can create newly from this moment.  You'll know if it's the right action to take because you'll feel it. You'll start to feel differently about your gray day. It helps to get support around it too. This is why I called Jaqueline. It's so necessary to get a partner to help guide you especially when you're stuck. An accountability buddy, a coach, a mentor, peers and any body on your side is going to be the secret sauce to creating the life of your dreams.


The next time you catch yourself not feeling your best, any time you see that you aren't excited about your life, the moment you are ready to simply let go and surrender to your circumstances, that's the time you need to reach out and go through these steps. Don't fight it! Don't make it wrong! It's all part of the journey of life and you'll get through it even more powerfully then how you entered it.