The Extroverted Introvert Dilemma

I'm gonna come clean with you... 

First off, people are always surprised to hear that I am an introvert. I am great with people, I'm a natural public speaker and I love being at parties! But I find all that exhausting!! After a day of speaking in front of a crowd, leading a class or mingling among strangers, I need to go hide under my bed and be by myself. This is the life of an extroverted introvert. Being an introvert simply means that I get energy being by myself. Being with others, though it's exciting for me, it drains my batteries.

This works out in my favor because I am never bored and I am perceived as being a really happy-go-lucky person. Which is true!  But just like every other person on the planet, I go though rough days that sometimes feel like they go on forever.  Those are the days that I want to go and cry in the closet, sleep all day long, and eat till I explode, or eat nothing for the rest of my life. As an only child it never really occurs to me to do anything social especially when I feel down in the dumps. That means in my day to day life I don't do anything social unless I'm forced into it because I'm so happy and content alone.

That also means I'm lonely! I realized quickly that life can't be fully lived in a vacuum!

I have some of the greatest friends on this earth and I'm not really sure how that happened because I am a terrible friend in return. My friends try to include me in activities, but I don't always make an effort to participate. They want me to be part of things and I don't ever as them to be part of things with me... It's not because I don't love them! I do. It is just because it feels like work, even with the people I love the most. That's why in this post I want to share why we introverts need to get out of the vacuum and get playing with the people who love us.

Life is lived in our relationships with others!

Think of some of the funnest (I know that's not really a word!) moments of your life. The chances are the most fun you have had involve other people and the retelling of it is in sharing it through stories. In fact, just about all communication is done in stories. How we connect with others, laugh, cry and touch one other is through the stories we tell. If that's true then when we are alone, we aren't really connecting our souls with others.

Your Soul batteries must be charged!

At some points in New York, I couldn't feel what was wrong with me. I just felt wrong! The only way I could describe what was wrong with me was I was lonely. It felt so crazy to me that a city full of people would have me feel so lonely. I didn't realize till too late that it was my soul longing for a connection. My batteries were totally empty and I didn't know how to recharge them. Our soul is recharged through connection and relationship with Source. This is with and through other people, with the environment and nature and in communion with the universe.

Balance is the name of the game!

A life you are excited about is all inside of creating balance. This balance is between all the things you need to do and all the things you want to do. In this scenario we are looking at that space between your connection to humanity and the people around you, versus your connection with yourself and what's bigger than all of us. What this looks like is totally up to you and it will look different for every individual but now is the time to start to look at the balance. Where are you ignoring what you heart is telling you? Where are you not reaching outside of your little bubble? Where are you depending on others too much?

I am committed to getting outside of my vacuum and open up to my next level. Game night anyone?...


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