Magic of Family and the Farm

This past week I got the great joy to spend time with my mom on the farm again. It had been a little while and it was so wonderful to see her and to see her shine in her favorite place. Even when it rained, the air was fresh, the area was so green and the atmosphere was so peaceful. When I leave here I'll be taking Marvin and Moira with me back to Florida so kitty butts will start to be in all my videos again. In the mean time, I very much am enjoying the simple pleasure of sitting on the porch and pulling weeds. 

I talk a lot about play and clearly it is something that means something to me, but this trip with my mom had me looking at another part of my wellness that I didn't even think I needed.

There is something really special that happens when I am with my mom and at her farm.  First my mom is still recovering from cancer. It isn't even the cancer now that put her under the table. It's the chemo that killed off enough cells that she has a hard time standing for long periods of time. She pushes through but I can see it in her eyes when she is really hurting. Even when I spent time with my dad the week before I was really present to the gift that is having them around to play with. I love them and more than that, I really like who they are! They are fun and authentic and together we get to be ourselves. I know not all families get to experience that so it's not something I take for granted. 

Also being at the farm, touching plants, having bugs crawl on me and getting dirt under my nails has me really get connected to the earth. My mom and step dad are ethical farmers. They use bugs as insecticide, they use reclaimed rain water from buckets around the house, and they love all the creatures that ask for their help. I don't get a chance to be part of nature in this way when I am at home. Certainly when I lived in New York City, my only way of communing with nature was when I rode my bike but at the farm, I am able to touch mother nature and talk to her. This trip I fell asleep in the grass under a tree in the shade. I listen to the birds and the wind and was completely at peace. Florida is too hot for all that! (HAHAHA) But there isn't anywhere I can go and not hear people. This was a great experience of talking to mother earth.

The other relationship I got to cultivate was with universal energy, source or god. I don't go to church. I'm not religious, not even a little! But I really enjoy going with my family to their local church. The people are friendly, the paster is really devoted and sweet and I get to meditate in connection with source. I don't even know if their is a man with a beard upstairs but I know we are all connected. It's that connection that we need to be at peace with ourselves and with the world around us.

Your Spiritual Wellness: Relationship with Self

Our spiritual wellness is about our relationships and how we cultivate them. The foundation of being spiritually well is to have a strong relationship with ourselves. This is knowing that you are perfect and complete just as you are and just as you aren't. I haven't met a person yet who doesn't want one more thing to make them complete. You are complete and we need each other!

Your Spiritual Wellness: Relationship with Humanity

The way we treat others is a direct reflection of how we love and treat ourselves. The next time you are in traffic, dealing with tourists or in an uncomfortable situation remember this fact. Don't forget that we all are connected with each other. Its when we see other people as other that we start treating other neighbors poorly.


Your Spiritual Wellness: Relationship with Source

Your connection with source is also a really important element of our spiritual wellness. If you don't believe in god or source that is absolutely okay. Look instead at the environment, mother earth, or even the stars and connect to the vastness as a way to put into perspective how small our problems are in the big scheme of things. Its when we humble are selves to the bigger picture that we are able to show up with love for all.


A life you are excited about is on the other side at looking at your next level and your spiritual health is an area we over look. We over look it because we can't physically see the results of working in this area. But you sure can feel them? What would be available to you if you took on building your relationships with yourself, humanity, and with source? How might your actions be different?


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