The 3 Keys to Creating Personal Power

Monday mornings are my day to get my weekly goals and intentions straight. This Monday morning, I was so excited to get up and my first thought was how to improve my personal power. Personal power is all about knowing it's up to you to create the life you want. Most of us forget how powerful we are. I know for myself, I need to find ways to constantly be reminded.  That's why this week I want to take it to the next level.  There are 3 things you need to really create a life you are excited about with personal power. If you are willing to take these things on, you'll find yourself to be a force to be reckoned with. 

Key #1: Get Clarity

Imagine for a moment that I asked you to come with me to a destination. "Jump in my car," I say. But I have no destination, so how are you ever going to know if we get there? Without clarity, we can't get anywhere. We would just go aimlessly as long as the car would take us.

On the other hand, if I said we are going to Maine, then we can create the fastest route to get there. We can ask others who have been where we should visit. We could even be more at ease on the journey as we sang songs in the car. 

Life is like that too. If you aren't sure where you are going, the universe will just take you anywhere. But if you are clear and connected to your vision, your mission, and the effect you want to have on the universe, then it is inevitable that you will take different actions that will actually take you in the direction you want. To get clarity, it can be helpful to look at what your secret sauce is. In other words, what are you put on this planet to do and can do better than anyone else.  

Key #2: Take Responsibility

"Take responsibility for your actions, Angela!!" When I was a kid I remember my parents used to say that to me, especially when I did something wrong. In the recesses of my mind I always thought it meant, take the blame for whatever had occurred. Now that I'm an adult I see the difference, and can own responsibility for the life I have created for myself.

You have a cold. It's not your "fault" that you're sick. You aren't to "blame". But when I'm sick I can take responsibility that I didn't wear that coat when it was cold, I didn't eat all those vegetables the week before, I didn't eat the soup to get better.... instead of being a victim to the cold, I get to powerfully own that I have a say in how it goes from that moment on. If instead I decided to be a victim to circumstance, I lose all power to change it.

Don't be a victim. Instead, be 100% in control of how you react to any situation, circumstance, person or thing. Even if you can't control everything in your bubble, you can decide how you react and what happens next.

Key #3: Be Your Word

This will be the biggest game changer for me and an endless game I will play for the rest of my life. If you only change one thing about your life, make it this. Imagine if you actually did everything you said you would do, what kind of life would that be? What might you have today if you did? 

The most important part of keeping your word is to always follow through on what you say you wil do. It's important to me that I make my bed every morning. When I don't, I rationalize it. "It's no big deal. Only I see it. I'll make it tomorrow." Even though it is a little thing, a tiny portion of being able to trust myself is lost. Imagine my self-trust going from 100% to 99%. The next day, if I forget to do it again, my self-trust goes from 99% to 98%. Still not a big deal, right? However, after enough time goes by my feeling of self-worth will drop lower and lower till I take action to build it up again one point at a time. The same happens every time you say you are going to go work out, eat healthy, or save money but then don't follow through. 

The version of you that does follow through is a different person. This is someone who knows they are awesome. This version has power because what comes out of your mouth becomes reality. What would your life look like at your job, with your family and, with your friends if you always followed through on what you said you would do?

You are powerful beyond measure and when you step into your personal power, no one will ever be able to stop you from a life you are excited about!

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