Wellness ABC's

What does Wellness mean to you?

This past week I led an event in collaboration with Red Elephant Inc called Screw Wellness as Usual. It was a fun take on an exercise class. I wanted to throw different modalities and wellness techniques to people , then have them actually take it into their lives. The best part of leading events like this is I have to relook at everything I know about health and wellness and recommit to them myself. For me, wellness is about really owning you create a life you are excited about. Everything I share and teach about creating a life you are excited about all comes from my own experiences and what I learned from my career in fitness.

I was 15 when I started on my wellness journey having no idea where it was going to lead me. The truth is at that age I had no idea how important wellness would become for me. I thought that happiness existed on the other side of skinny. After all, that’s what every magizine and tv show said to my young mind, "Skinny women get the guy... the job... their dreams!". By the time I was 21 I was heart broken that all the questions of life weren’t answered, dreams didn’t get fulfilled in an instant and magic didn’t happen. I had gotten skinny! I went from a size 12 to a size 0 in the course of about 3 years. Unfulfilled, I saw the truth that life was more than how I looked or what size I could fit into. Who knew it would mean I'd have to look beyond the physical!

Fast forward, I am now more than double the age I was when I first started my journey. I stand before you now proud of the life I have created.  Though I still haven’t figured out all the answers, I am challenged and inspired by the questions. I now let my dreams guide me to my next level and I’ve learned I can make magic everyday simply by my attitude. It took owning my personal wellness and stepping forward into it and you can have a life you are excited about too by owning your personal wellness. 

In owning your personal wellness you need to address these 4 areas of your life. Take a look for yourself by giving yourself a score of 1-10 to assess your personal wellness (10 is completely fulfilled, 1 is not at all fulfilled). 


Do you have a positive mindset and attitude? Do you enrich your mind through reading, traveling, mind games and play? 


Look at what you feed your body. How does your body feel? Are you in pain? How do you move your body, do you feel free and open? Do you feel strong? How do you treat your skin? Your organs? 


Do you get to show up authentically in the relationships you value? Look at the relationships you have with yourself, the earth, universal energy (god), family, friends, human beings in general.


Look at your financial health. Your savings, your future, this moment and decide if you are fulfilled.


How did you score? Looking at all the areas of your life, do any stick out to you as being completely fulfilled? Or completely unfulfilled? The goal is to get all the areas as even as possible. When you have an area unfulfilled, it's time to take action in that area. It’s only when all the areas of our life are balanced that we can take our lives to the next level.  

When I was 15 and I put all my attention and energy into my body I was able to drop almost 4 dress sizes. But in ignoring the other areas, I lost my relationships with others and even myself. Sure I felt great in my skin, but I hated who I was inside and it showed up everywhere. I didn’t have any friends and though I had decent financial health, my mindset was in the garbage. After I saw how I felt, I took on making my life the best I could. I learned that I boiled down to 3 simple steps you can take on today to create fulfilling wellness in your life.   

Add Action- it takes doing something different today then you did yesterday if you want to grow.  one step at a time to build the life you want but it takes action.

Bring Balance- take a look at the least fulfilling area and focus on it till you are balanced in all the areas that matter to you. Then keep expanding from your feeling of fulfillment.

Commit to Consistency- take action everyday to move in the direction you want for your life. not just when you feel like it, but everyday!


Though it's not easy, wellness is having a life you are excited about is about by taking control of your ABC's in the 4 areas of your life. If you took one action today, what would it be?