My Birf-day and the 3 Secrets to a Life Of Play

As much as I try to fight it, I am truly a corny sap for the cute and adorable!

I just am.  

For my birthday my bf took me on a Disney Adventure for an amazing experience of fun and play. We went to Animal Kingdom first where I geeked out over beautiful wild animals. I was surprised to get an opportunity to spend the night at the Animal Kingsom lodge where I woke up to wildebeests, zebras and giraffes walking outside my window. That already unlocked my tear ducts. I don't cry!! But clearly I leak at beautiful things. To top it off,  I was surprised yet again to find our waitstaff was none other than my favorite character and his friends! 

Want to see a grown ass woman cry? Take her to see Goofy for her birthday breakfast! See, total sap! Tons of leaking at this point. I joke about it but I really was moved to tears to hug and connect with all the characters that only lived as cartoons in my childhood.  

Goofy signed my hat and loved that I was decked out in all goofy clothing! I was so happy to play with goofy. I resonate with him the most because he has fun and just owns himself in all his glorious weirdness. You know who wasn’t happy about all my goofy attire... Donald! I got lots of tude from Donald. But I had so much fun!! 

Through my life I am always looking for the take away. After my incredible weekend I woke up on soul Sunday to see what my take away could be. I was in my joy hangover and saw that it’s so important that I play just as hard as I work so I continue to feed my soul. 

That goes for you too! You must play just as hard as you work. Why play? Because the spice of life in the little moments that we create fun and connection. Although play for you might look different, it is necessary that you find it for yourself. For me play is  running a long distance, doing a triathlon or meeting a cartoon character. For you it could be quite different. You could find fun in quilting, going to a party, playing chess or whatching your favorite show. Whatever it is, find your play! Time goes so fast. By the time you turn around it will Be January again. Don’t let it fly by without enjoying it.  

There are 3 tools to use to find the fun in your life daily, not just on a Friday!

1) Structures create freedom to play

In order to make enough space in your life to have fun, it needs to be scheduled! When you create “containers” of time and space for fun, you are free to let go. When you know there are other items on your to-do list that haven’t been addressed or you know you should be doing something else, you’ll never enjoy your play time. 

2) Responsibility frees you to play

Adulting doesn’t always bring the word fun to your mind, however when you are doing what you know to do, you are free to let go. When you have a looming task or some activity you know is outstanding, you can’t show up as your free self. Not in any activity. It’s moments of freedom and peace that naturally brings about fun and play but to do that you need to be in integrity and do what you know needs to be done.

3) Be present

Play and fun only happens when you are completely present where you are when you are there. That means seeing the sights, smelling the smells and connecting with the people around you. When you aren’t present you miss opportunities to play and to notice the small little moments that will add value to your life no matter where you are.  

You dont have to go to a distant crazy place to make fun happen. Fun can be where you are standing now, it’s a choice. And it’s a choice you can make right now!


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