Happy Half Year!

Happy Half Year! I bet you didn't even know that was a thing. It is now! our calendar is something someone made up, so why the heck can't I make it up too. This week is my birthday week! I hadn't realized how quickly June has snuck up on me because I feel like I am still getting adjusted to Florida. I also didn't realize that I'm going to be 35!!! Yikes! I guess I really have to keep myself adulting now, huh? 

But since my birthday is coming, I use the opportunity to have it be my own personal New Year. If it's not your birthday month too, its all good. You too can take advantage of the Happy Half Year! On this Happy Half Year I want to share with you my Birthday/Half Year Betterment Tradition.

The Goal of Happy Half Year is to assess where you are based on the goals you made for yourself at the New Year. Sometimes you are on track and sometimes you are way off. By June, I know for me, I had completely forgotten some of the promises I made myself and this gives me an opportunity to remember them and bring them back into my life. I also can decide that some of them don't fit my life or don't inspire me anymore, so I can adopt new Half year goals.

Happy Birthday/Happy Half Year Celebration: Step 1

Assess Backwards: How did you get here?

There are 3 questions that we are going to look at as we look backwards and assess how we got here. This is about appreciating what is working and keep it in our lives and decide what we can work on going forward. With these 3 questions take some time to free write the answers. Take a times and for each on write for at least 5 minutes nonstop to really get to the core of the matter.

1) What is your most memorable moment in the past year and why? What did you learn about you? 

2) What were the 3 biggest lessons you learned in the last year and what will that look like to incorporate them into this next year?

3) How are you different from the past year?

What did you learn about you and who you have been? Take this you into the next half of the year and go to step 2 with power.

Happy Birthday/Happy Half Year Celebration: Step 2

Create your BHAG

BHAG stands for Big Hairy Audacious Goal. It is a goal so big that if reached would make a huge difference in your life and perhaps the lives of others. You might not reach it! But in making the effort it changes who you get to be. Creating a BHAG isn't just dreaming big though. It's making a target to hit.

Get clear and specific about your BHAG. What do you want? What does it actually look like? How would you know you actually reached it?

Make a plan, put it into your calendar and schedule it. Take your goal and now reverse engineer it. At the end date in the calendar and schedule the individual actions that need to take place to build your dream day by day.

Start slow to go fast. Let your daily habits start with the small steps so you can stay consistent and powerful in the actions you take to get your dreams.

Find support. Keep yourself surrounded by people who will hold you up when it gets hard to continue. 

Enjoy the journey. Happiness and joy doesn't exist at the BHAG! It is now. And it's a choice you can make to be happy now on your journey. Even if you don't reach the BHAG, it's in the struggle that you find who you really are. Be proud of what you have accomplished no matter where you land.

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