I Fell For It! Disney Adventure

I must share a fun adventure I had over the weekend. I have shared already that since moving here to florida I have been plesently surprised by my Epcot experience but this past weekend I got to go to Magic Kingdom. My mission in life is to inspire others to live a life they are excited about and to do that, I use everyday to do it myself. This weekend I got past my Disney Bias, put on a disney shirt and decided to help one of my friends celebrate a birthday Disney style.



To give you some background about me, I have never really allowed myself to feel emotions other than smiles. But even in the parking lot, watching grown people with Mickey ears and little girls with beautiful colorful dresses excited and happy already hit me in the heart strings.

I got on the monorail to get to the park and the second I saw the castle in the distance, I was totally transported. I couldn’t help my eyes flooding with tears. I tried to hide it from my friend but I don’t hide well. Even walking down main street, smelling the smells, seeing the characters… I was falling for it. Over the coarse of the day I slowly let go and became a total kid again. After all the rides, after all the events of the day, my favorite part was getting the opportunity to meet Goofy. I really fell for it hard. I guess I have a new favorite character.


By the end of the day, I was so moved and totally open. It’s so important to be free as you build the life you want. We keep ourselves back from our dreams because we stop thinking like children. We stop letting our sense of play and adventure lead us. When was the last time you let your imagination run free to pull you into your future?


Creating that life you love means really stepping forward into your possibilities without putting the filters on your dreams.  Get really clear about what you want for yourself.

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