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Last weekend I had the honor and privilege to speak at retreat at the beach. It was beautiful and once I touched the sand I felt like a little kid. I am totally a mermaid with feet. One evening after we had concluded the sessions for the day I decided to go for a run on the beach. I was barefoot and so happy. For the record running on sand is so much harder than running on the road but that is another story…

What I saw

I ran right on the surf line so I got wet and I disturbed plenty of hunting birds though I could tell they totally understood. I ran a total of about 2 miles and in that two miles I saw so many different kinds of people enjoying the beautiful evening. There was an older skinny biker looking dude wearing a long sleeved pink collared shirt and jeans looking for shells. I was intrigued. What was he doing with them, I wondered. I almost pictured him with a hot glue gun pasting them to an old lamp, but that would just be too cute to be true.

There was another clearly retired gentleman in only swim trunks with two fishing poles in the sand beside them. He very well could have been fishing with them or simply sat with them as his companions, from how happy he was to sit there, either one would have suited him very well.

Photo credit: Dawn Gluskin

Photo credit: Dawn Gluskin

There was a family in the surf too. The husband was welding a giant fishing pole and the wife was ready with a strainer thing in case he caught a fish. Their beautiful daughter was spinning in circles with her arms wide open. I saw her giant sand castle near their beach chairs far from the surf and I said it was awesome as I passed her. She looked at me confused and nodded shyly. 

There was a young couple too who was taking their puppy out to play. After some play time they clearly were trying to train it to sit. In pure puppy fashion it was easily distracted by all the fun stuff to play with out on the beach.

Then there was me. A barefoot Ironman Triathlete running on the beach watching all these beautiful people enjoy this magical place. By the time I was done with my short run, I was touched by how all these people found their joy being outside.

The thing that blew me away...

The thing that blew me away was the ability of all these people to really live in there individual moments. No judgement or expectation was on their faces. Just people in their activities. I watched a movie a long time ago called Happy that outlined all the components of what made a happy life and one of the components was flow. What these people on the beach demonstrated was total flow. When do you experience flow? If that is a hard question for you to answer then it’s time to explore where you find joy, where you are totally having fun and where you feel free.

One place to start is how you move. Finding flow in movement is a great way to begin to cultivate it. These people on the beach made their movement fun by integrating themselves into the environment they were in. Even if you don’t live by the beach, there is always some way you can get yourself outside and get into flow with where you are. Even in NYC, I found ways to get outside and find your flow. 

Where do you find your flow? What activities do you find your flow? Share with me on Facebook.

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