Easily Change How You Show up in the World

I am really passionate about having people move in their lives. I saw the effects that movement and exercise had on everyone's life around me.

I started in water aerobics with people older than my grandmother. I hate to admit it, but I thought water aerobics was silly. I quickly changed my tune when I saw how spry it made these older adults on the deck. Sure, they couldn't move like I could, but I was 15! The act of getting in the water, moving and socializing with what became close friends added life to their years and years to their life.


It was something I really came to appreciate later on in my life when I had sedentary clients who refused to move. I saw beyond a shadow of a doubt that the person you are when you exercise, is the person that leads you through all the difficult and tough stuff you face in life. My sedentary clients didn't handle discomfort in the same way as more active adults. 

Since those days I have learned a ton more exercise modalities from the very relaxing to the hard core. Even the most relaxing exercises have so many benefits. 

When I became a yoga teacher, I saw the effects of who people were on their yoga mats and who they showed up as in their lives. I saw the benefits even more heightened in myself when I was on my yoga mat because I was finally paying attention.

The person who showed up on my yoga mat was the same person who showed up in my life. I saw myself rushing from pose to pose, like there was a prize for the fastest yogi. It was the same way I rushed through traffic even though I wasn't really even going anywhere.

Exercise is an opportunity

Once I started to see the correlation, I was able to treat my exercise sessions as an opportunity to build myself into the person I wanted to be. Not only was I making my body stronger and more flexible, I was also building my self confidence, my patience and resilience. I was building a version of myself that I was proud of in the gym and out of the gym. 

This week is about starting to look at how you show up, or don't show up when it's time to make yourself uncomfortable. No doubt about it that exercise and movement can be uncomfortable. Our lives have become so comfortable in fact that we are killing ourselves slowly.

Are you proud of who you look at in the mirror? If you are, that's great! That next level awaits you. But if you aren't at the level you want to be, then it's time to look at building yourself one day at a time.


Start small! This isn't about a gym or a specific type of exercise. It's about getting movement into your body so you can see movement in your life. It can look like anything! A walk with the dog, a dance in the kitchen, a splash party in a pool with the kids... but the key is do something different then yesterday and build it one inch at a time.

Once that level becomes comfortable, then it's time for the next level, always growing so your life is always growing.

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