Travel like a boss

I travel. It is part of a life that I am excited about that I get an opportunity to keep my mind engaged and active on new environments, people and activities. One of the ways I travel is with exercise-cations (exercise+vacations). I went to DC to run the DC rock 'n' roll half marathon and during I decided to spend time with my mom and go visit my friends and clients in NYC.

Traveling can wreck havoc on your immune system, your routine, and your diet. Whether you travel for work, play or both, travel  is stress. There are many ways you can take care of yourself and travel like a boss but you have to make it a priority.

Keeping yourself well is as simple as ABC.

Add Activity

  Whether you’re ride planes, trains or automobiles it’s important to keep moving during your commute and once you reach your destination.

Keeping yourself moving

While you on a plane, a train or an automobile take breaks and stand up as often as you can. The danger in sitting is the lack of blood flow through your body. Simply standing up gets blood to move at least a little. When you can't get up, then at the very least stretch if you can. Click here to see simple yoga on a plane. Another simple thing you can do when stuck seated is think about your posture. It's easy to melt into your chair, but if you can keep all those muscles active and supporting your body, you'll be in less physical pain. A ton of the injuries I see are because of slouching and falling alseep in strange positions. Do your best to keep your body supported and active when traveling.

Once at your destination, make being active your mission. Walk, dance and move in the new place you are in. Meet people, experience the culture and enjoy every moment of new. Even if its not the most desirable location, think of it as an exercise in your mindset to find 5 things beautiful and 5 things to be grateful for about where you are when you are there

Bring Balance to your body

You must listen to what your body is asking for. Bringing balance means keeping all your body systems in harmony and healthy.  

Keeping yourself in harmony and healthy

One of the first places that I see people be affected by their travel is catching a cold or some sort of sneezy virus. The act of traveling, stress of new air, tons of people and simply a change in the status quo has the body fighting lots of germs its not used to dealing with. There are a few tips and techniques you can use to keep yourself healthy during travel.

First, I tell all my clients to use essential oils before, during and after traveling. Essential oils are easy to use, non toxic and good for your body. They are essentially the protective juice of the plant that your body then absorbs and uses to support the cells of the body. Peppermint for instance is really good for inflammation (pain in your neck or back while traveling) and it can be used to keep your hands bacteria free. Oregeno oil is another good one for keeping your hands clean. Eycluptus helps keeps your airways free and clear. Lavender is great for allergies. 

Mom always made us do it and clearly she knows best, washing your hands often is key to health travel due to all the strange surfaces we touch when we fly, take trains or ride buses. New York definitely is a fun place but with all the people I learned quickly to take shoes off at the door and to wash my hands often. 

While on the road, though I fight this sometimes because I don't want to have to pee all over town, always have a water bottle in your hand and drink as much water as you can. Water cleanses your system and keeps all the processes of your body running at prime efficiancy. Along with that, always have a  healthy snack with you as you travel because it will keep you from making an unhealthy choice in a hangry state. The fuel you choose determines how your body will feel later, so to keep your immune function at the highest level, eat as clean as possible when you travel. I know fruits and veggies won't always be available and I understand enjoying your vacation, but know that each item you choose has a cost on your system. 

Commit to Consistency 

As you go on your adventures do your best to go to bed and wake at the same time everyday, keep somewhat of your regular routine, workout and eat as healthy as you can or you will find that you will need a vacation after your vacation.   

On top of everything Enjoy yourself!

Life is about enjoying every moment. Use every tool you have at your disposal to stay present and soak in the new location you are in. Things like meditating daily, keeping a journal of your experiences and sharing with friends and family, keep you present and keep you connected to the life you are living.

Don’t ever forget that you design the life you have. Build it everywhere you want to be because you deserve it!