Spring Body Moving and Shaking

My poor New York friends entered into the spring buried in a foot of snow. Welcome to your spring everyone! No matter what you weather is at the moment, soon enough you will find some opportunity to prance around in that purple poka dotted bikini.

The secret to feeling confident in whatever your beach attire is, is feeling good in your skin. Over and over I have to remind my clients, (even the ones that work in advertising!) that the PERFECT body doesn’t exist! What you see on magazines is doctored, color corrected and stretched out for hours and hours before put into publication.

Instead of focusing on having the ‘perfect body’ get yourself feeling really good knowing that you are the healthiest you can be in this moment. Remember that having a life you are excited about means taking the steps to create what you want.

A healthy strong body is one of those things we take for granted when we are younger, but as other distractions get in the way like our relationships, our jobs, our businesses… our bodies tend to take a back seat. Even in the face of all the distractions it’s important to get yourself the healthiest you can be and feel really amazing start to your spring by moving and shaking.

To get yourself moving and shaking means taking on doing something different! Especially if you are ready to get yourself to another level of fitness. If you do what you did yesterday, you will continue to have what you have today. That means if you are looking to have stronger arms, a more toned stomach, a pain free back or a flexible body, you must get yourself doing activities that will cultivate those things.

Since I have lived in Florida, I haven’t snowboarded like i did in New York. But one of my fun activities to get out and get myself active is scuba diving. Carrying all the gear, swimming with it and being outside add to the value of my life.

I also found a new passion in themeparking. Walking around all day in the sunshine and screaming my head off on a rollercoaster def burns calories and adds some excitement to my week. Even in the snow when I lived in New York, I found excuses to take myself outside especially after a long winter inside. I found places to Lindi Dance and I always knew there was something to discover and enjoy going to Central Park.

Having that life you are excited about in a body you love means getting yourself bouncing around this spring no matter what fun activity you gravitate to. I know it can seem intimidating trying something new. The good news is getting yourself to your next level can happen one step at a time and it’s a skill that can be learned

When you look back at your life, which would you rather say: “that journey was fine” OR “What an incredible ride, I’ve truly lived every drop!”

You’re not going to create the life you want by simply sitting there on the couch binge watching GAME of Thrones. Join me on Facebook and tell me what you're going to do differently this spring!

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