Why Try Yoga...

When I started my fitness journey yoga was the very last thing I ever thought I would get into. I started in water aerobics and then quickly moved to Pilates before the inevitable question, "why haven't you tried yoga yet?".  At the time I wasn't even 20 and I thought that yoga was so boring when you sit making strange noises.  When I finally tried it, I completely fell in love!  I learned quickly that yoga was more than just 'working out'. 

Yoga is a philosophy that uses the body to get to the mind.  Yoga is about quieting your mind, getting control of your body to find your connection to your true self. Some of us do that through meditation, some through service to others and some through working their bodies. Wouldn't it be nice to be so at peace that nothing bothered you? It is a life long journey and in my personal practice, every time I sit on my may to meditate or move to do my yoga poses, I get a little closer to finding that still place inside myself.

Many yoga lovers enjoy taking classes because of the community and connection that gets created. Even if the students never speak a word to each other, there is a bond and energy that is shared. I do know though that starting from the beginning can be hard and intimidating. A great place to begin is by taking a class or a private lesson with a skilled yoga teacher to get the moves correct into your body, then practice in the safe space of your home. Even for advanced practitioners cultivating a home practice without the distraction of others can be really beneficial. That home practice experience will also only deepen the experience you receive when you return to the group. You also have the freedom to listen to the needs of your body and do your favorite poses without having to rush through them.

Another great reason to try yoga aside from the connection to all parts of you, is it doesn't require tons of equipment or space. You can do it anywhere and all you need is yourself. Sure you can get all kinds of fancy equipment but remember the goal is to quiet the mind, control the body and connect to yourself. I love taking my yoga outside when I can.  It doesn't have to be a beach but somewhere outside in nature makes yoga a very special adventure as you connect more intimately with Mother Earth. It's never ever going to be the same experience twice. The people or lack of people will never be the same, the wildlife and the circumstances will never be duplicated exactly the same way. Though it might be similar, it's key to your yoga experience to be completely present to how unique that moment actually is and stay very present to what the universe presents to you.

If you have never tried yoga before, now is the perfect time to start. It's not all sitting around and singing. It's not fancy handstands or tying yourself in knots. Its about being with your breath, your body and your own mind.

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