Rest of your year like a boss

I turned around and we were in January. I had just moved to Florida and was determined to get some of my important goals figured out and turned into reality. Then I turned around again and here we are getting ready for March!

Wait! I'm not ready for March!!!!

Time to get that mindset right as we start to enter a new part of the year. If you are in any way like me and way off on your goals for the year, there is no better time then right now to get reenergized and get going as we finish up the first quarter of the year. There are 5 steps to really creating your life with power and if you take a moment right now to go through them, you will get realigned to who you are and what you are up to.

Step 1: Get a clear vision

This first step means really owning what it is you want. Speak it out loud, make a vision board so you can see it, and really own what your heart wants from you. To get clear about what it is you want sit still, journal, meditate, or brainstorm. Everyone is different in how they connect to their passions and their vision so explore what that might look like for you.

Step 2: Create a plan

Once you have decided what you want, then you have put a plan in place so that it moves from the dream world to the real world. Creating a plan can get over whelming so this process might need a buddy, a coach or a mentor to help you get past your own limitations about what is possible. 

Step 3: Get into Action

Now with a plan, get to work! This is simple... NOT EASY! Start with small manageable steps that get you into momentum. Then find ways to reward yourself for a job well done. Getting yourself in action can be the hardest part of creating a life you are excited about because to have something different requires doing something different and different can be really scary.

Step 4: Get Support

It's so important that as you step into your goals, as you push your limits and reach for the stars, that you have support when you get scared, stopped or thwarted. Get a team around you of people that only see you as the boss you are. These might be people who go on the journey with you, or people who can see what you're up to on the outside keeping you from pitfalls.

Step 5: Enjoy the journey

This moment is part of your journey no matter what it looks like. Sometimes we fall into the trap that happiness exists AT the goal, but the truth is happiness lives in each moment we are given. Learn to celebrate every moment you get. Easiest way to stay present to the journey is to keep a gratitude journal. It keeps you focused on what you do have verses what you don't have yet.


It is never too late to start building the life you want. Take this opportunity to reset yourself and step into your best self and the life of your dreams. Remember its not just wanting things, its taking steps to go and get it.