First requirement to being a Floridian... DISNEY!

Since moving to Florida, I have met so many people that are die hard fans of this silly thing called Disney. I hadn't really been to Disney since I was a young kid, and I went in California which they say is different. Whether that is true or no I just hadn't given myself  permission or the opportunity to fall into Disney. Sure, I like the movies but I didn't really get the fascination or the desire to even visit. Though I do love roller coasters, the "magic" involved with what makes Disney so special couldn't have met all the hype right?...

Disney is hard to avoid if you live nearby. All my old and new friends love these parks. They all have season passes and go all the time during lunch breaks, during bad weather, good weather, no every occasion and for no reason at all. For one of my friends birthday, I had promised to go so we went to Epcot for part of the day. I really thought Epcot was just the big golf ball. I had no idea that the idea behind the park was to unite the countries of the world. Really beautiful idea that immediately I couldn't help but keep a smile glued to my face as we walked through the different countries. 

I was so skeptical but it is clear there is indeed magic to Disney. It's quite clear that I am definitely a kid at heart because it didn't take me long to start skipping and playing like the other kids running around the park. Watching the street-mosphere and every type of person in every kind of Disney paraphernalia walking in joy. All the colors, all the sounds, all the activity, even the waiting in line... brilliant thing Disney has going!

We went on two rides while we were there... 1) The thing in the big golf ball, I think was called Spaceship Earth where they went through how we have communicated through time. As a human communications major I found it really well done (though it was older than I was). 2) The second ride we did was Sourin' where they took took us flying around the world. The view was breath taking. I was moved, blown away and touched.

I now understand why adult, grown ass people go to Disney. Theme parks are amazing for getting your thrill on, but where are we really given a physical place to allow our imagination to be free. To believe in pretty princesses and see Ducks walking around with heels, and be able to hug them! I saw grown lumber jack looking men waiting in line to take a picture with Allice from Alice in wonderland and I was moved by it because I had judged Disney as simply a machine to make money. What an opportunity they give us to really be kids again.

Since moving to Florida, I have been on a journey to really find my best self. There are many aspects to who we are and what makes up a healthy, happy life that we are excited about and one of the keys is to plug into fun, play and joy, otherwise what is all that hard work for? Though I might not be one of those types of Floridians, it is clear that fun, play and joy will all be a part of how I take care of my mindset. 

How are you going to take care of your mindset?