Purposeful Planning

They say it’s already too late to plan your year when you are in it. January is already too late to start planning. So it’s time to start now! I’ve been spending time really putting together my 2019. I don’t know about you but I am so ready for 2018 to be over!!

There are 5 really powerful steps to putting together your most productive purposeful year and as I run through them I find it easier to plan the actions I need to take to see some real results.


First step is to really get your priorities clear. I am so clear that for me I am so ready to do another triathlon. I might even want to do another half or full ironman but I know for sure that to have a life I love, triathlons need to be in there. Another thing I know is important to me is self care days. I know it will be really important for me to go take yoga classes, have pj days and to go have fun at theme parks. When you know what’s important to you, you’ll know what needs to be considered as you are putting together you months and weeks.


Once you have clear priorities, you need to put them physically into your calendar so they actually get done. Not just sitting on my “wanting to do another triathlon” but actually signing up, scheduling out the training, putting it into my planner and having it become real. You’ve probably heard it before but dreams become goals when there is a deadline on it.


Now that you have a plan, it’s time to get proactive on it. Moving with the punches and roadblocks all the while staying connected to what you say is important to you. I know that not every week is going to go according to my new training schedule but because of my commitment to crossing that finish line, I can adjust. Learning to adjust is key to reaching your own goals.


As you continue to go on your journey, the difference between getting it done and falling short could be in the company you keep. Surround yourself with people who will support what you are up to and will hold you accountable. The people in my life have learned to relate to me as someone who can cross my finish lines so I keep pushing because they are behind me. Who is behind you?


Learning to party is learning how to be present. I promise you that happiness doesn’t exist at any finish line. It is right now and the more you embrace your present, the more fulfilled you will be. Don’t wait for any outcome to “make you happy”. You’ll only be disappointed.

We are getting closer to a new year. Don’t wait for new years day to start architecting your life. Start right now no matter where you are. No random date or “fresh monday” will make the difference. Step into the life you desire today!

Angela HubbsComment