Have FUN this Thanksgiving!

I feel like I am constantly saying it, but wow! How are we in November already? How is it THANKSGIVING already?? This time of year brings up so many emotions and memories and I hope more than anything that it brings with it FUN for both you and your loved ones.

It can be a stressful time of year. Cooking, cleaning, family and even self imposed pressure to make it all perfect so you impress the people you care about the most. Once all your prep is done though the secret really is just to let go and step into your best self.

I woke up this morning really lit up about spending my Thanksgiving extremely lowkey in my new home here in Florida not doing anything in particular. I will spend it with my boyfriend just basking in gratitude for the beautiful weather I now find myself. I feel things for my old New York neighborhood but I’ll be in fantastic 70 degree weather as we go into winter! I also know that some of you are going to be with their families and friends, large and small, agreeable and disagreeable this holiday season… and I assert that in any situation, you can find your own level of FUN no matter what!!

F- Feel Freely with Family and Friends

U- Undo your Expectations

N- Never forget Gratitude

Feel Freely with your Family and Friends means that no matter who is in front of you, simply share love! Love all the people in front of you for who they are and for who they aren’t. Doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way and croche everyone a blanket by hand or promise to hang out with them everyday for a year, but just remember that they are put in front of you for a reason. Look at every person, whether they drive you crazy or make you smile, as a lesson about yourself.

I used to have a yoga teacher that would say whatever you do on the yoga mat is a reflection of who you are out in the real world. The same is true in every moment of your life! Use these opportunities to strengthen who you want to be in the rest of your life especially if it is someone who challenges you. Even if you aren’t having the time of your life, what can you learn from this moment that will have you step forward as a stronger version of yourself?

Undo Your Expectations. Whatever you experience during your holiday season is just what it is and it’s exactly what it’s not. Don’t make it wrong or right. Just be present! The truth is you just never know if this will be the last time you experience these people, so just be where you are when you are there. When we put expectations on how it’s supposed to look we simply make ourselves unhappy because if it doesn’t look exactly right, we make it wrong. Sometimes the “wrong” thing can be more fun and make better memories.

About 5 years ago I had this experience with a boyfriend that had cancer. I knew when he was diagnosed that I needed to suck up every moment I could because I just didn’t know when our last moments together would be. He died near his birthday, but I never regretted the moments I spent with him because I simply let every moment be what it was without judgement and expectation. I continue every day of my life with the people I love in the same way. I know that this moment is all I’m guaranteed and even this moment can change in a heart beat.

Never forget Gratitude

Thanksgiving used to commemorate the story of the pilgrims. No matter what you think about the inspiration for the holiday, THANKSGIVING is a perfect time to focus on all the things up to now that you have experienced in your life and really give thanks for all of them.

There have been plenty of times in my existence that things haven’t gone my way but even in the worst of it, being thankful has taken my mind from misery to contentment. It’s only from a platform of gratitude that you can show up your best in the face of anything! Demanding in-laws, picky friends, and annoying conversations stand no chance when you show up powerfully.

This holiday season is all up to you how you show up. Are you a victim to your surrounding and the people that showed up for your get-together? or Are you so powerful in the face of anything that no matter what you leave with your peace in tact? You get to decide if you show up ready to have a little FUN!

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