Six flags and the awesome, wonderful, super fantastic rainy day.

This week I wanted to relive a beautiful moment I had with a really good friend of mine...

Over a year ago I remember sitting on a wet bench under a white sky in NYC. The sky hadn't been blue and for the last couple of days. In fact it's been really rainy. I never mind the rain but it was also chilly. I don’t like being cold.  It's so easy to go negative in the mind and I caught myself feeling a little gloomy, but it can be really beautiful to look through the rain. I decided to sit there till I found something beautiful and I found it on a roof looking through a rainbow at the city.

There is nothing wrong with a little rain especially if you have a good attitude. 

After what felt like a straight month of rain in NYC,  I took a vacation day and I ended up going to Six Flags with one of my kick ass friends Liz Wolfe. Liz also owns a business that changes people's lives by teaching them the secret to abundance, so she is not only inspirational but so fun to be with. 

Our adventure started the day before. We had been texting each other about what we were going to wear. We checked out the weather and saw a 60% chance of rain. We were planning on meeting early so we could get in as much in at the park as we could. The chance of rain appeared to get worse as the day progressed. We wanted to get there as the park opened and stay till we touched every ride in the place. We had both been looking forward to our Six Flags day for months and the day was finally here. Her husband woke her up an hour before our plan and I arrived to her house and hour earlier than our plan. Not on purpose, but because after all our communication, I still misunderstood the plan. No big deal though. We just rolled with it with smiles and joy. In fact, we laughed about it all morning as she got ready.

We left, we got breakfast and we had a great 2 hour ride all the way down to six Flags in New Jersey. It was raining all the way down there. Still we held our breath that maybe our weather in the city was different than over there in New Jersey.  That 60% chance of rain had clearly turned into 100%. No change by the time we got there.

But no worries! We were still excited to be there and with each other. 

The park opened. There we were at the front gate as it was lifted. We had map in hand and a fast pass that wasn't really needed. No one was there. In fact, there was more staff than there were theme parkers.

Whatever! More fun for us!

 Some of the rides weren't even open, but we found the ones that were. We rode over and over just enjoying having the park to ourselves. Our first ride was the Superman ride. You actually do this roller coaster on your belly the way the seats go, so it's like you're flying like Superman. First we rode in the back, then we immediately got back on it to ride in the front.  

And that's when my stomach turned!

No problem. "I'm good. I'm okay!" A little noxious but what's a fun time without a little of that right?...

The Green Lantern was next. This is a roller coaster that you ride standing up. It was fun, but bad! I don't ever throw up after roller coasters but, that was the start of a different kind of adventure! 
Still no worries. I had a blast in between bouts of stomach stuff.

The entire day was rain and fun and Angela throwing up and us playing around the park and Liz breaking the umbrella and angela throwing up some more and us dancing in the rain... just having a good time with whatever was thrown at us!

On the way to another ride we hear the announcement. The park was closing early due to weather. 

It didn't bother us. 

In fact, we ended up singing and dancing in the bathroom trying to dry off under the little air dryers. We were happy to just be, even soaked to the bone. It was just great!

Whatever it is that we do or go through in our lives, it all comes down to our attitude about what's happening. 

 It's something I think about and talk about all the time. I catch myself going down that rabbit hole of negativity from time to time, around my business, around what's going on with my finances, around events of life.... It's really easy to go to a negative place.

But imagine what your life would look like...

... if no matter what, you got to be happy just being there. Both liz and I realized during our adventure together that anyone else could have thought that everything about yesterday went all wrong. It could have been really easy to complain. The truth for me was the day was great. I saw the adventure in it and that is what made for a really fun adventure with the two of us. So there wasn't anything wrong. It just was what it was and we made the most of it. 

Key to life: make the most of it especially when it don't go the way you want. 

It was so good for me revisiting my adventure with her. I really get to look at my attitude in every situation. Then what actions can I take to improve my situation. 

So as you step into the rest of your week, no matter what it looks like, take it one moment at a time, one day at a time, and decide what it is you want to focus on. Let go of what you think it's all supposed to look like. Do you want to focus on the negative? Or, can you find something positive to focus on that will take you to your next level?

Have an amazing week! Step into your greatness!


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