Accidental Digital Detox

I want to tell you a little story about the time I went on an accidental detox. It meant that I was away from any type of communication for 2 weeks. I felt totally naked and out of the loop. I missed the connecting deeply.


 Secretly though... it's was really kind of wonderful!

Not having my phone meant that I had not been on any social media, no text messages, phone calls, no news! (Cue the dramatic music!)

Though my digital detox happened accidentally, it’s a great reminder to take some time away from the phone and detox from it from time to time. In fact, I had even considered having a full month away from social media once a year. That is how fantastic is was to be unplugged.

This is one of the last pictures I took on my phone. I posted a beautiful sunrise from a New York rooftop on Instagram, then all of a sudden after I posted that picture, my phone went black.  It was as if my phone’s last wish was to share it’s last beautiful moment with the world, then cut me free. I had no time to mourn my sweet command center. I had to get another one asap.

This phone was usually surgically attached to my hand at all times.  

Every part of me was run from my phone. My entire business, my social life, my entire existence was  run by the tiny computer in my pocket. I took it to an expert who gave me the official prognosis. There were two thoughts that went through my head.  My very first thought was, "oh thank God". I felt freedom for the first time in a long time. My second thought was panic, "How am I going to do anything?".  Even something really simple like getting to a new destination seemed impossible now.

I haven't had to read a real map in a long time! Figure it out??! ASK A STRANGER FOR DIRECTIONS???!!

I had all these thoughts of "Wow, I'm really, really dependent on my technology!". This is coming from someone who had refused to get a cell phone in the beginning.  I remember telling my friends, “I don’t want to feel burdened to answer it at all times!” as I scoffed at the very idea of a cell phone.

My phone died on a Friday. And before I could get another, I had to work an event in San Antonio. I was on the staff for an event with Allyson Byrd who is a powerhouse business coach. The event was four days long, and it was amazing. But since I was part of the event staff it was really important that I stay in communication with my team. For the first time in a long time, I had no phone. I had to figure out how to communicate, how to get around and how to function like a boss without my favorite appendage. AND I FIGURED IT OUT! In fact, it had me be completely present to her event and the needs of the event, and the things I had to do. No distractions and for the first time in a long time, a clear focused mind.

It was so refreshing to have that 'digital detox'. 

I did finally get phone at some point after I got home from Allyson's Event, however I left that Friday again to go to Camp Wonderful. Camp Wonderful is an adult summer camp where you're not allowed to use your real name, you are not allowed to talk about work, and you can not have any technology.  So it ended up being this two week span for me where I had to really be present, I had an opportunity to play like a child and I got to really see what power was by showing up without the distraction of technology.

Going into a new week, going into a new chapter of my life after having had that experience of really being connected with other people at camp and being truly present like a boss with Allyson was great.

What might your day look like if you didn't spend it on your phone?

If you didn't spend it with technology?  And instead, if you spent it with other people, if you spent it with yourself, if you spent it playing in the real world?

It was a true gift to have had my phone die. Even now looking back at it, what I took from that gift was that though I have technology that helps me take my life to the next level, life is about connecting with others in the real world.   There's a balance with everything right? So it’s all about finding the secret saucy balance.

It got me clearer about what I want to do for you and your life. It showed me that perhaps I was just not connected to other people as I thought. I certainly wasn't as connected to people that would make my soul happy. It even showed me that perhaps I wasn't even connected to myself because I was so busy distracting myself with what was happening on the other side of my phone.  I get to be present now, and I get to build the life I'm excited about and a body that I love all while truly being alive right now.

And I want that for you.

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