3 Steps to Your Best Boss Body

In in the midst of everything on your plate, there is always time to take care of yourself. 
When i first started out in the fitness industry, I found that for me I just needed to move. At the ripe young age of 15 I couldn't understand how I was getting paid for dancing around on the the pool deck. I came to really appreciate that these older people in my water aerobics classes made the effort to get out their homes to move with me in the water.

As a business owner it is essential to your business and your life that you ADD ACTIVITY. It is scientifically proven that exercise and movement in your body helps to relieve stress and anxiety, it cultivates energy and focus, it keeps you strong physically and mentally, and keeps you productive by maintaining your immune function.

The problem is we have every excuse in the world why we can't be exercising. Who has the time when you are wearing so many hats, who has the extra money to spend when there is marketing to do, who has the willpower or the discipline when its all used up during the day...

Most people get really excited about New Year's day because everything will be different. The lore goes that a new start will kick us into high gear. And for most people it does! Till stuff gets in the way. Life catches up with our excitement and all the sudden our health and wellness take a backseat to the other 'more important' things that fall into our lap.

Notice if this is you. Did your health and fitness goals fall off? How is this reflected in your sales, your marketing and other aspects of your life? More than that, did you refuse to commit to anything in the wellness department in fear of falling off, resigned about your health and fitness?

As an entrepreneur, this year started for me with a big move from New York City to Florida. Inside of relocating, I was also dealing with family illness, I'm training for a half marathon, then another Ironman and all of the things I am able to juggle come from my taking on mastery around my health and wellness. I prioritize it because I know I wouldn't have the strength, energy and vitality to show up in what I'm building if I didn't. 

Since the only way to create a life and business you are excited about is to move, here are the steps to creating a wellness plan that will give you what you need to thrive.

Step 1- Create a Clear Goal

First question you want to ask yourself : Who is it you want to be in your body? What is a big exciting goal that will have you fell that way?

Part of creating a clear goal is knowing who you want to be in your body and in the world. Look at who you are right now. Take a moment and journal how you really feel in your body in this moment. Then look at the gap of who you want to be in your body and how you want to feel. Once you have seen the gap, I have my clients look at what type of activity they enjoy doing and then make it bigger. For instance I have a client who really enjoyed obstacle races as a kid, so the goal for the year was to do a tough mudder. I have another client who danced as a young adult and then stopped when her family moved. Her goal was to do a performance dancing. The goal was enough to excite them and push them to get into action around their health with a tangible reachable goal they could strive for.

Step 2-  Break Down and Schedule Actions

Once you are clear about your body goal, just like any goal, you need to break it into parts and actually schedule it into your life. Without this step your goal stays in your head and in the realm of dreams. Taking your dream and putting it into the real world by putting it into your calendar is the difference between those who dream and those who do. If you are serious about taking personal power around your health, especially if you own a business, then it means you have to own your time. Taking this step means prioritizing all the things you say are important to you and making them part of your day and part of your schedule.

Step 3- Incentivize Your Actions 

This is the hardest part. Getting yourself to take those first few steps on the way to a healthier and happier body. It's those first few steps that will create momentum forward. This means learning to pay yourself first with rewards for following your schedule. Perhaps you have a money workout jar, perhaps it's your trash tv time or your favorite book on tape. Perhaps it's your girl talk time or your oasis time. Whatever gets you there consistently will change your life. 


It's time! Your best self is waiting...

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