Live Your Life Like a Boss: 5 Steps to Getting What You Want

Planning like a boss is the secret to having a life you are excited about in a body you love.

It is so easy to want things. 

When I was in High School I remember having a hard time falling asleep because I would think too much about the life I wanted. I fantasized about what life would look like as an adult. I wanted to be a paramedic by day and an actor by night. I saw myself with a cape on going around New York city saving lives with the knowledge of a doctor and then entertaining them afterwards with my song and dance skills. This was long before I ever thought I could simply move to New York City. 

Clearly I went a different direction with my life. I am a save people in a much different way and I do a whole other song and dance but it didn't take me long to learn about my personal power. When I became an adult I began to realize the power of having everything I ever wanted wasn't in the wanting or wishing, but in the planning of it. It wasn't until I learned the power of hard working and planning that things actually started to happen for me. Becoming a pilates instructor, moving into Manhattan, finishing an ironman, even now moving to Florida... all happened ((A) because I had the best friends who totally helped, and (B)) because I planned out what I needed to do it make it happen.

If there is anything in your life that you are serious about achieving then follow these 5 steps to really putting your life together the way you want it to be.

Step #1: Getting Clear

First step to having everything you want, is knowing exactly what it is that you want. You can't get to a destination you are unclear about. Take this moment and really make a clear picture of the life, the things, the people, the smells, the tastes... all the particulars about what you want. This can be done by journaling, vision boarding, or some other process that pulls your vision out of your mind and into the air around you. 

What is it you truly want?

Step #2: Break it down

Now that you can see what it is you want, it's time to break it into pieces so you can create it one brick at a time. Breaking a goal down means looking at all the parts of it that need to be accomplished. When I first wanted to do an ironman, it required me to look at swimming, biking and running, but also nutrition and recovery. I never would have known that if I didn't do the work of looking at what I needed to accomplish to reach my goal. 

What needs to parts need to be in place to reach your vision?

Step #3: Schedule it

It clear to you what you want, its clear what needs to happen to make your goal come to life, now it's time to actually put actions into your calendar. Putting actions into a calendar means you are actually committed to doing the actions that are needed to creating the life of your dreams. Not taking this very vital step keeps your dreams in the "wish/want". Taking the time to schedule out the actions you need to take makes you own your personal power. You create the life you want one day at a time with the actions you schedule.

What does your day look like?

Step #4: Get to Work!

Once your actions are schedule then you must have calendar integrity. It means doing what your calendar says! Not because you have to, but because that is what works. You took all that time mapping out what you wanted, what it took to get it, and where it would fit into your day to get it done, so get out there and do it. Our lives are built one day at a time by the actions we take and by the habits we create. Take one day at a time and do something everyday to get to the life that will fulfill you.

What do you need to do today?

Step $5: Reassess

This step is critical to anyone creating something big in their lives. Many people give up on their dreams because of this step. Imagine if you had quit learning to walk because you fell down once. Reassess what is working and what isn't working. This means taking an honest look at what you have been doing, seeing if it is taking you in the right direction or not and then either changing course or continuing on. Giving up is easy, taking an honest look and forging ahead takes real guts.

Are your actions working?

Having a life you want and are excited about in a body you love means really owning that you are the one. No one can get you to where you want to go but you. You are powerful and the place to start is by looking at these 5 steps. Notice where you get stuck and reach out for support when you catch yourself in your story about why you don't have what you want.