Top 10 Take Aways From India

December of 2016 I had the great privilege to go to India for 10 days. It was a trip that I hadn't really planned for. It was just something I felt like I had to do. I went with 10 friends and colleagues for what could only be described as entering into another realm of existence. It was there that I really saw how incredibly lucky I was and the real gifts of life became really evident. 

This trip was a year ago and I had almost forgotten about it till it showed up in my "1 year ago" feed on Facebook. I rewatched my Facebook lives and edited them together for you to see but here is a list of my top 10 takeaways from India. Remember the month of december is all about preparing for an amazing New Year. 

What can you take from my list to implement into your life?

After the trip my head was swimming. I got home and immediately passed out from joy, from gratitude, from experience, from heartbreak... I am so lucky that this is the life I get to lead! It was clear my 2 kitties missed me, but I didn't waste any time journaling about my experience.

#1- Get out of the Box

When we put constraints on ourselves on how life is supposed to look, that is when we get into trouble. We hold ourselves back and we keep ourselves locked to the idea of what we think it all is supposed to be. Break out of the box and trust that the universe will get you where you need to go!

#2- Owning your worth, Community and Partnerships

We are only stronger together. I loved watching how everyone we encountered had no problem selling us what they had.

#3- Let Go

After being in some of the most spiritual places, I got to touch my best self. Everything that has been holding me back as a business owner and as a person, has all been made up by me. None of it is real! Seeing ingenuity at its best, watching people who have nothing, create lives filled with beauty and community touched me to my core. So I decided to let go of all the bull! I get to have it all, and so do you!

#4- Attention to Detail

The small things make a huge difference. After visiting the Taj Mahal, I got to see details in action. I looked at the little precious stones in the walls and the handmade carvings in the marble that makes it such an amazing work of art. It made me think about the little things in my life and in my business that I just brush off as not important. This attention to detail makes life go from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY! and we all deserve to have an extraordinary life.

#5- Gratitude

I have lived a truly blessed life. I travel and have running water, indoor plumbing and up to now I have taken it totally for granted. I will stay forever grateful for who I get to be, the things I have been given and the experiences I have had.

#6- Reverence

I got a chance to see animals and nature as well as old ruins, I felt deep gratitude for the opportunity. Even the tour guides don’t see tigers often and we got to see them. The life that exists with or without us and the gift of showing us a glimpse made me really look at how even the little things I take for granted are gifts not to be taken lightly. I am in awe of how I have been blessed and continue to be every day.

#7- Love

Love for self, love for others and love for god. I got a chance to look at where my judgment, my expectation and competition were holding me back and separating me from others, from myself and from the life I want.

#8- Giving and Receiving

In order to live fully we must learn to Give with our whole heart and Receive with full gratitude. I have always had a hard time with the receiving part. This trip I learned that it steals from the giver when you don’t receive what someone wants to give.

#9- Relationship with Money

As we were riding in the bus and going from the countryside to the city, I couldn’t take my eyes off the windows. Some people we saw were clearly poor but the ingenuity and tenacity of what these people could do were incredible. Indians are natural entrepreneurs and they are unapologetic about asking for money. This has been a big challenge for me and I’m not the only one. From this experience I got to see that every excuse I make about what I can have and what I don’t have, is all made up bullshit. These people have almost nothing and have created lives that make them rich and happy. We have everything and we hold ourselves back!

#10- Take time for the things that are important.

Living in New York I feel like my attention span and my patience had almost completely disappeared. In india life is just such a different pace and it was clear that rushing things didn’t work. In the context of the last day it was in regards to food, but the truth is everything needs more reverence in my life. Life can be rich and filled with sensations, but only if you take the time to really enjoy them.



Now is all we have