Are you willing to move your feet?

Don’t ask god to guide your footsteps if you aren’t willing to move your feet.

Everything is easier when you feel like it. It’s getting colder and colder here in NYC and with the comfort of the pillows and the the purr of the kitties, getting out of bed sometimes can be hard for me when that alarm goes off. That annoying noise I picked on my alarm clock sings its tune to have me get up and I open my eyes to a dark cloudily sky… Is comfort more important than creating the life you want? 

Every monday I pick a quote for myself for the week. Something powerful to get me to my next level and this week this was the first one I saw. It wasn’t attributed to anyone in particular but it really spoke to me. The idea that you could have all the best resources, all the best help, all the best ideas, but if you are unwilling to actually take action then nothing will ever happen.

Are you willing to get yourself into action? 

Time will not go any slower. If anything it will continually pick up speed as we go. If you look back, are you proud of how you spent your time? There are some days that I can say an emphatic yes and some times where I can say heck no. I am constantly reminded that the Angela of yesterday built the Angela of today. The same is true for you! That means you have architected your life to this moment by everything you have done up to now. That is great news because the you of tomorrow is being built by what you are doing right now! 

Are you proud of what you are doing right now?

Remembering that you are the architect of your life, then take the reigns and build it from this second on like a boss! Remember the secret to architecting a life you are excited about in a body you love begins with the habits and routines you create for your self. 


Look at the dreams you have for yourself and spend 5 minutes a day to achieve or get it.

One of my clients really wanted to go to India this year for New Years. So when she decided on this goal we created a plan. She was addicted to coffee and got one with too many syllables for me to pronounce every morning. So as a way to get her healthy and get her to achieve this dream, she could only get coffee twice a week at her choosing but all the other days she put that $5 into a jar marked “INDIA”. She continues to build enough time with her job and can now see that achieving her goal wasn’t as complicated as she had made it! It wasn’t always easy especially in the beginning. But if you get yourself in action, there is always a way.

Another example is getting in shape. You have all the resources at your finger tips. But even with the best Angela training can buy, nothing will happen if you don’t do the work. Start to look at your goals. What one thing can you do today and everyday that will have you start to take action on the life you want?


Will power is a muscle!

Do the hardest activities earlier in the day. It has been proven that will power does actually run out. This is why by dinner time we can’t resist all those sweet and delicious items that sit around in the cabinets. This is why for most people getting your workouts, sales calls, and other unliked activities should be the first thing you do when your will power is at its highest. The best part about that is after it’s part of your routine, it no longer requires will power anymore and you’ll be able to use it for something else you want to effect in your life. This is why getting a win in early, like making your bed can be so beneficial. You begin the day with a win and that is how you see yourself, refreshing your power.


Stay connected to your why

Why do I decide to get out of bed when there is perfectly sweet kitty to spoon? Because I am connected to my mission. I know that if I don’t get out of bed, there is a world less bright. I am committed that YOU live a life you are excited about because we need you to spread your joy to others. You’ve seen the nonsense that goes on in this world. We need you and your love to make it better. That only happens if you love yourself and the life you lead.

What’s your why? With out a why, without a mission its so easy to let the feels, the comfort and the desires to get in the way of what needs to get done. It’s those mornings when the alarm goes off and you had planned to go to the gym. But its cold and it’s wet and its just so comfortable here in bed… Thats the moment when the excitement of being able to fit into your favorite pair of jeans, or having energy to run up a set of stairs, or even playing with your kids or grandkids jumps out of your head. Imagine what you could accomplish if you were constantly connected to your why…

The question remains, are you willing to do the work? Are you willing to get into action?

Are you willing to move your feet?