You can't buy it...

When I was young I thought when my body was in shape everything else would fall into place.

I got into shape and was heartbroken that being skinny didn't instantly make life amazing.
Then I thought, well if skinny wasn't it the surely if I move to an amazing place that will make life instantly amazing. I moved to Hawaii... that wasn't it! I moved to Alaska... that wasn't it either. I moved to nyc... closer! But still wasn't the secret sauce.
It wasn't till I had hit rock bottom that I saw that an amazing life wasn't one thing. It was everything. And it was nothing! It was inside me to create what I wanted. Everyday it's the power in me to make my world the way I want it.

It's not a place, it's not a product, it's who you get to be in world you create.

To create your perfect life there are 4 areas you need to look at. Inside these 4 areas are habits, routines and rituals that will build the life of your dreams one day at a time. That perfect business didn't pop up over night. That six pack didn't happen because he wanted it really bad. That relationship took effort. And though it can be fun effort, the life you want needs to be cultivated and architected. What are these 4 areas?: Money, Body, Mind, Spirit

If we're not balanced amongst all of the things that make us, us, you're not ever going to feel fulfilled.

Your spirit. Our spirit is the most over looked aspect of ourselves. Sundays are my spiritual health day.  I use sundays to refresh my connection to other people, my connection to the earth, my connection to whatever you consider God to be, the universe energy, all of that stuff. We over look that part of ourselves because the effects are invisible. Your spiritual muscles don't bulge or get flabby, instead our lives just have a sense of underlying dissatisfaction. We just can't put our finger on what's missing but chances are it's our relationships and connections that are out.

Your mind.  Your mind has to do with your education and how you keep yourself mentally stimulated. Traveling , scuba diving and a good puzzle all keep my mentally fit and fulfilled. like traveling might do that for you. A great way to get more bang for your buck is to meditate regularly. Not only is it good for your mental focus but it strengthens your spiritual connection to self as well. I find it get's my focus and attention to what's bigger than me.

Your body.  What you eat, how you move, your energy level, what you put on your skin, all of that is how you address your body fulfillment. You create the body you're in by what you do every single day.

Your money. This area isn't about the amount you make, but the fulfillment you have. This is about our need to survive versus our passions in life. It's about looking at balancing your passion versus what you do for money.

Are you fulfilled with all the areas of your life? 

To start to feed all these areas of your life is that you start creating habits and rituals in those 4 areas.  And this looks different for everybody which is why I don't say "you have to do xyz".  It's just going to depend what it is that you love, what you lifestyle looks like and what you need as an individual to feel complete. 

One of the things I am going to suggest that you do now, everyday as part of the life that you want is make your bed the second you get out of it! The second you get out of it, make your bed.  It doesn't have to be beautiful.  My bed is a bit of a mess with my two kitties jumping all over it, but it's made and there's something really powerful in following through on something, my made bed. It's so simple to do. When I get into it tonight, I can feel really proud that I started off the day really powerfully. And so will you! You will start to see yourself as someone who follows through on things. And it will show up in other things that we do during the day.

Aside from making a bed, one other thing I'm going to throw at you is always, always, always have breakfast. I doesn't matter what it is, it doesn't have to be bacon and eggs, it could be a smoothie. It could be a banana, but always, always have breakfast. This fuels your body to show up in everything like a boss!

What other routines are you doing that you find successful?

I love it if you would share your thoughts with me in the comments, share with us what early morning routines you are doing in your body.  I'd love to try what it is that you're doing that's making you powerful in the morning.