Are you playing enough?

Are You Playing Enough?

You could say I'm a little bit of a loner. I'm not one to go out or party. Even during the holidays I tend to isolate myself. But i do live in the most amazing city in the world. Why not make it a more of an adventure? I had realized that the quality of my life was diminishing. Life is supposed to be an adventure and I had made it routine so I started to add play.

Most people think that exercise must be torturous. Then stop exercising. In fact, I tell my clients all the time that because there are so many endless ways to move your body that there is bound to be ONE out there that speaks to your soul. There has to be one you can make fun.
Over the summer I had realized that I had stoped making my life fun! I got stuck in the go go, the fast walking and the "get out of my way I have places to go and things to do".

Enter fun.

I decided to change that and take up lindi swing dancing. I had been introduced to it going to an adult summer camp and loved it.
Didn't really matter that I have no idea how to do it. Instead I figured I would just show up and see what happened. I told a friend that I was going and he pretty much said "heck yeah you should go. Have fun! Finally you're getting out!" Finally indeed...

I went early for their introductory dance class where they teach you the 3 steps you need to know to at least fake it on the dance floor. With a little stepping on feet and counting in my head I think I got the hang of it.  I had a great time and I danced so much I wanted to throw up. I'm sure all that spinning didn't help. I guess I am hooked!

Whether you lindi dance, run, play in a kickball league, play quitage from Harry Potter (I have seen that more than once in Central Park!), or simply dance to show tunes while you clean your apartment, we are made for movement. It's so easy to let your health and your body slip into stillness but with it you are killing your vitality and your fulfillment. Imagine the energy and joy you can feel this holiday season if you simply start to find fun through movement in your week.