3 Tips to Fueling Your Body


Happy fall! New York has been the epitome of beautiful fall weather. The occational rain cleaning thedog poo off the sidewalk and the perfect sweater weather has been glorious. My kitties have even seemed to enjoy it.


As we enter in the fall, I had this realization that I’ve been talking about the 4 different areas of creating a life you’re excited about in a body you love, and I ignored one of the biggest pieces you could start to really change and love your body.




How in the world did I forget one of the most important pieces to changing your body composition? To having you feel filled with energy and vitality? To having you produce amazing things in every other part of your life?  Nutrition is the #1 place to look when you don’t feel like you can give 100% to your life. I talk all the time about fueling the other 4 areas: fueling your money, fueling your mind and your spirit. Fueling all the parts of you is integral to creating everything you want. When you fuel your body exercise and movement are important to creating a life you are excited about in a body you love but the food you eat, the fuel you put in you gives you your spark.


TIP #1

Stay away from simple sugar.


This is one of the hardest things ever because our bodies CRAVE sugar, especially simple sugar.  We are designed to crave sugar.  So think about it?  A Snickers bar, (oh yeah!), anything sweet like candy and most breads.  Even if you’re not a ‘sweets’ person, your body is designed to crave something that’s really simple for your body.  If you’re not a ‘sugar’ person - SALT! Even like those potato chips, that’s sugar.  So start looking at how you can start to substitute those simple sugars for something that’s not so simple. There is a secret to this in tip #2…


TIP #2

Stop eating prepackaged food.


Read the ingredient lists on the things that you buy. First off notice how long the lists are! And if you don’t know what it is, it shouldn’t be in your body!  Essentially what that means is you should stay away from things that are prepackaged. Prepackaged foods are filled with salt, and are filled with sugar because they would not taste like anything otherwise. All the preservatives and all the stuff for the shelf life is usually listed as “natural ingredients”. Well my friend asbestos is natural but I don’t want that in my body either! Look, I live in NYC, I don’t cook all the time either but when we make your own food, we know what’s in it.  We know what’s involved,we can make informed decisions about what we add. The truth is we don’t always know what’s in our prepackaged food,  especially if you don’t know what’s on the list!  If you don’t know what’s in it, don’t eat it.


TIP #3

Eat as close to the ground as you can.


This one is the easiest tip to take into your life.That means that if you have the option of having a Snickers bar versus having an orange, always choose the orange over the Snickers bar.  Because if it comes from the ground, you know there’s nothing in it that’s not natural, you know it’s going to have fiber in it, you know it’s going to take care of your body.  It’s going to fuel you versus satisfy you.  One of my best friends in the world coined the phrase fuel versus flavor.  Unfortunately these companies who make food know that we live off of flavor, fuel doesn’t even matter to us.  If it did we would make much different choices. Start really looking at fueling your body versus satisfying your taste buds, your whole paradigm around what food is supposed to do, will change.


I live in this world too! I love sweet things. I eat candy and drink a delicious wine or a cocktail from time to time.  But I know that in order to have a life that I’m excited about in a body that I love, that feels and looks the way I want it to, I can’t eat that stuff on a regular basis.  Sure, I splurge every now and then, but if I do that everyday, I just know I won’t be my best for creating what I want. I could never have done an Ironman or become a speaker.  If you want a life that you’re excited about, if you want a body that’s amazing, if you want that six pack and to feel fit, and to feel fresh and to feel awesome, then you need to look at how you’re fueling your body.

Stay away from simple sugar, read the ingredient list, and eat as close to the ground as you can.

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It’s so important that you take care of this piece if you want to have a life that you’re excited about.  If you ignore this piece of you, you’ll always have this foundation of health missing from what you’re trying to build on.